2022-11-13 BuckeyeCTF 2022 Writeup - Nile & Andes
blockchain ctf security

2022-11-08 Arbitrage in Minecraft markets
economics minecraft

2022-10-02 SekaiCTF 2022 Writeup - Matryoshka
ctf misc

2022-08-01 Hosting a Minecraft server without extra hardware
minecraft tailscale

2022-06-23 Fast mental conversion between ℃ and ℉

2022-03-22 How to write a linter using tree-sitter in an hour
linting parsing tree-sitter

2022-03-01 How to write a tree-sitter grammar in an afternoon
parsing tree-sitter

2022-02-13 Dirty Nix flake quality-of-life hacks
hacks nix

2022-02-08 Organizing mathematical theories in Coq: an overview
coq programming

2021-12-28 Speeding up my AoC solution by a factor of 2700 with Dijkstra’s
algorithms haskell programming

2021-06-27 A non-trivial trivial theorem: doing classical mathematics in Coq
coq math

2020-02-26 Translating Common Lisp to Haskell—a case study
common-lisp haskell

2020-02-20 Free monads from scratch
haskell math